Outfit & Organize Your Garage With Origami

Aside from being used to store your vehicles, a garage is a place people love to use to put away other miscellaneous items, as well as somewhere people can use as a laundry room and a workshop!

Since garages can be used for many things, it can also be quite effortless for them to get cluttered and disorganized; however, with the right stuff, you can easily remedy or prevent this from happening.

Read on to see what products Origami offers that can get your garage space sorted out and look clean indefinitely! 

Origami Foldable Workbench

Foldable Workbench With Pegboard

Not everyone has an extensive collection of tools in their garage, but those who do know how important it is to keep them organized and safe.

Also, many people who do use tools and hang out in the garage tend to want a dedicated place to work and tinker with stuff, and that’s what this foldable workbench is all about!

At 45 inches wide, this folding workbench with pegboard provides a large surface area for you to work with and hang up your best tools, making it the perfect station to get things done. With the foot pedal at the bottom, you can fold it back up when you’re done using it if you to free up space as well.

Although this is a foldable unit, it is recommended that you secure your workbench by drilling into the wall via the stainless steel pegboard. So, despite this potentially becoming a more permanent fixture, the foldability of the board itself gives you more flexibility with the area you can use in garage.

Origami R3 Rack

R3 Storage Rack

The Origami R3 is one of the most versatile storage racks we offer and can be used in virtually any area of your home, and the garage is one of the most popular places they get used.

The R3 is a 3-shelf rack that is 29 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 35 ½ inches tall, meaning that it’s a pretty compact rack that won’t take up too much space, but it’s big enough to keep things in one spot, including laundry baskets, towels, cleaning supplies, paint - anything that you can find yourself frequently using in the garage.

Additionally, this storage rack weighs less than 20 pounds and comes with a set of durable wheels that make it easy to transport to and from other parts of your home as needed.

That being said, since these storage racks are notable for various purposes, consider getting yourself some R3s for your home. They also come in multiple colors, meaning you’ll find ones that match the theme of your garage, bathroom, bedroom, home office, or anywhere you can benefit from a foldable storage rack.


Origami R5 Rack

R5 Storage Rack

While our R3 is a fantastic multipurpose storage rack that can accommodate you practically anywhere, garages often need larger fixtures to prop up bigger boxes, containers, and items that might not fit on the smaller shelves on the R3.

That’s where our R5 storage rack comes in! The Origami R5 is very similar in functionality to the R3 in that it’s foldable, preassembled, and highly durable - the primary difference is that it’s just more robust and heavy-duty across the board.

To compare, the Origami R5 is a four-shelf rack, as opposed to three, and stands 60 inches tall, 36 inches wide, and has a depth of 21 inches, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding shelving space!

Bear in mind, even though the R5 is our most robust storage rack and is perfect for the garage, it’s not so massive that you can’t use this in other areas of your home. For instance, the R5 is amazing for home offices or other rooms where you may need to store documents, inventory, and other supplies.


Origami Storage Cubes

Storage Cubes

Lastly, if you use your garage to store your belongings or plan on giving it a makeover, such as with spring cleaning, it’s always helpful to have receptacles to put your stuff in to help you quickly sort and find and find what you’re looking for at any time.

Sure, ordinary cardboard boxes and plastic containers can get the job done, and more than likely, you already have some of these around your house, but it’s also worth checking out our storage cubes that look and feel nice and like other Origami products, these are completely foldable, which isn’t always possible with other storage solutions out there.

Depending on the size you choose, our storage cubes are designed to fit perfectly on the R3 and R5 racks mentioned earlier, so you’ll never have to worry about them not fitting right while also optimizing the space you need to have on your shelves.

However, while these cubes are fantastic for keeping a lot of your belongings safe, be mindful of storing things that might not be suitable for garages due to possible humidity and temperature changes, such as electronics, clothing, and important documents. If you need storage for these, consider getting an R3 or R5 and some cubes for indoor use! They’ll be perfect.

Let’s Get Your Garage Organized Today!

Garages can easily get messy, but you don’t have to let yours be - getting your garage tidy only requires a few simple things, and hopefully, these suggestions are what you need to get everything sorted out!

To learn more about these products, check out our catalog to find more information and even find some other useful items that you can enjoy around your home, including desks, kitchen island carts, and even accessories for your storage racks to expand and customize them.

Origami aims to make your life easier through helpful goods like these, and we hope that we achieve that for you through our effective and easy-to-setup products.

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